ANALYSIS: HII and the market

Brutal few days in the market for me, I can't lie. #NVDA was a great sale, but frankly, I should have taken some profits in #SPOT and gotten out of #NFLX when I had a scratch (no gain or loss). Those are the two positions I regret not selling. Otherwise, I'm sitting tight. Today is a good day to not look at your screen. NFLX is still a great company, but I have too many high-flying tech stocks. My relative lack of diversification cost me the past few days. Huntington Ingalls

TRADE: Reloading Spotify (SPOT)

After trimming #SPOT on 5/1 at $165, I bought the same amount of shares back at $156.50. Essentially, that was a 5.4% short-trade gain.

TRADE: Trimming Spotify (SPOT)

As with Apple, just want to lock in some gains before #SPOT reports; we've had a nice gain in a short period, so let's lock some in. Sold 33% of position. Price: $165 Weight after trade: 2.5%

TRADE: Buying Spotify (SPOT)

Spending 3.2% of the portfolio on #SPOT. Bigger starting position than usual, but it's one that I really believe in. I know a lot of people who subscribe to SPOT, but I don't know anyone who has cancelled it; incredible subscription value. Price: $146.90