TRADE: Exiting Alphabet

Closing out the end out of my #GOOGL position for now, as Amazon and Facebook are taking share from them. Management painted a...

TRADE: Trimming Raytheon

Let's trim some #RTN for a profit; I've had a big defense position for a long time, so let's book some gains to be safe. Price: $182.70,...

TRADE: Closing Amgen

#AMGN has some legal risk that has come to light, so I'm just going to dump it and take a very small loss. Price: $190.77

TRADE: Buying more CVS

#CVS is a cheap stock with nearly a 3% yield. The selling is overdone, in my opinion. Price: 53.11 Position increase: 69%

TRADE: Initiating Home Depot

I used #HD vs. Lowe's as an example of a spread on Twitter last week, and I've become increasingly confident in the company. I also think...

TRADE: Trimming more PayPal

As $PYPL continues to rise, I want to lock in some more profits. Selling about 1/3 of my position for $98.96 and another huge win on this...

TRADE: Exiting Netflix

If you've been following me for a while, you know I've been looking to exit #NFLX on strength for months. Well, here we are. Recent...

TRADE: Trimming PayPal for big win

I've been looking or something to sell for a while, and trimming #PYPL seems appropriate. Price: $94.50 Percentage Sold: 25% Gain: 141%

Exiting Apple

Despite using #AAPL as an example of changing value on yesterday's show, I think today's pre-announcement of lowered earnings guidance...

Buying more CVS

This is a terrible market, but healthcare should work OK. #CVS Price: $68.14

Initiating CVS

I think Amazon-related concerns are overdone, and at 10x next year's earnings, I can't resist when in need of healthcare exposure. Price:...

TRADE: Selling some Westrock

#WRK has too much supply, and frankly, I was wrong. Let's admit the mistake and realize some of the loss of about 27%. Sold 46% of the...

TRADE: Opening Ulta Beauty

The #ULTA selloff strikes me as undeserved. It's a makeup sale! Come and get it. Price: $262.54 Weight: 0.9%

TRADE: Exiting Honeywell

I need to take advantage of the recent market rally, and Honeywell could selloff if China-US trade tensions reemerge. Price: $149.41

Canopy Growth update

Yesterday, I bought 100 shares of #CGC at $33.76, and now I'm looking to flip those shares at $36.15. We'll see if I get filled; resting...

TRADE: Buying Take Two Interactive

#TTWO has been unfairly punished, in my opinion, by a bad overall market. Specifically, China trade wars shouldn't be much of an overhang...

TRADE: Opening Amgen

#AMGN is a cheap stock with lots of promise, including an effective migraine treatment. PRICE: $193.08 Weight: 1.9%

ANALYSIS: Good entry point for defense

I'm a huge believe in defense stocks, and I think they are potentially poised to move higher again after we get past the mid-term...

TRADE: Trimming Apple

Before #AAPL reports, I should have discipline and take a profit in some of an excellent gain. Price: $219.05, sold 27.5% of the position.